Some sample tracks (good quality earbuds recommended)

Below: This is a short sample from a rhythm track in my latest project. I rally love this this track, I heard it in a friends car today and it sounded like thunder! Includes one track on the kit,  a clipped bongo track, shaker track, fish and my new fave: a percussion gizmo comprising of a bashed coffee tin, cowbell and tambourine, all wound in a light chain and played using a rhythm stick. Cool as!

Here is a little glimpse into how it can be done. Thanks again to my friend Shane.  Click!

To hear a finished product, incorporating my drum tracks done using this exact process, visit iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or the Shane Diiorio Band website to check out Shane Diiorio’s “This Drive” album. At no time were the players together. All drum and percussion tracks were recorded in my home studio and sent digitally to Shane who sourced all players, tracks and mixed it himself:

(This Drive CD) – “Stunning Album” – 3MDR FM


Shane Diiorio Band - This Drive CD Cover

This album was released in September 2016 on physical CD as well as on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.
It  draws inspiration from the likes of JJ Cale, Tony Joe White, Knopfler and Clapton.

Below:  Working Delta blues style drum track from the song “Mississippi Time” from the “This Drive” album by Shane Diiorio. A great example of when playing very little and creating atmosphere means a lot more than being busy. I have left the click and guide tracks audible.

Below: Dirty little ditty: thanks to Torren Dove on bass & Shane Diiorio on Guitar. Incorporates some percussion: Tambourine and Cowbell.