I live to write, play and record drums, I enjoy every part of the process.  It is what I love to do, and I keep charges to a minimum, I need to cover my costs but still keep this affordable. I do ask for proper credit wherever the tracks are used or uploaded.

I love creating recorded tracks and I am up for it all: blues; funk; soul; reggae; folk; traditionals; originals; covers – straight, bent or otherwise – just drop me an email and I will get back to you asap.

I am up for collaboration and writing if I can add value. Maybe you need some rhythmic ideas to help get started? Perhaps you have an idea and you need another part or a change. Let me know some details of the scope of your project and your expected requirements and we can take it from there.

To me, making music is about sharing, understanding, empathy, suitability and musicality. I love many kinds of music — and I love making music, I don’t just play the drums, I play the rhythm to songs using the drums. It is pertinent that Ringo was my very first influence. He played what was just right for each track, with an amazing amount of musicality and diversity in his approach.

A pocket groove and solid recording quality and some cool effects and you have a killer base on which to build your song and make it sound just how you dream it should.

Don’t forget we are talking about custom drum tracks which are written and recorded exclusively for you, to go with your original song. The drum track I send you will be exactly at your specified tempo, reflect the feel, intensity and mood and follow exactly the arrangement of your song. Whether I use mallets or brushes, blasticks, bamboo rods, drumsticks, kitchen utensils or second hand car parts …  I record a track to your songs requirements.

Allow me, to help you, to bring your original music, to life!

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