If you write / record songs, jingles, soundtracks or really any kind of music, and  could use custom recorded drum tracks, simply send me a guide-track and receive a mix of your song, right to your in-box, followed by the raw tracks. No need to even leave home! You can then record your instrumental and vocal tracks to the drum tracks and mix! Ultimate home-delivery and at super-reasonable rates. This process can be completely customised to suit your workflow, even if you haven’t done this before, I can work out a way that works for you, so even if you are just curious, please feel free to get in touch and find out more. Don’t you want to finally make that recording without leaving home?

I would love to record the drum tracks for your project, so contact me now to find out how this can work for your project and let’s get to work!

Please email any questions, suggestions or initial thoughts.

Upload your roughs using the contact & upload page